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Trainer PLUS(+)

4.0 ( 1440 ratings )
Desporto Health & Fitness
Developer: Trainer+

Trainer+ is the future of personal training.

It is a fitness management tool for gyms and trainers that creates new ways to support fitness both in-person and online. The web and mobile apps are flexible, easy to use and the content can be customized for any fitness business/service model.

This app can be used by both personal trainers and clients to track workouts and progress. It complements the Trainer+ web app for trainers, where workout programs are built/assigned and clients are managed.

TRAINERS: Focus on results, not sales. Use this app to track workouts and assessments when you are in the gym with your clients, and get a snapshot of all of your clients’ progress on-the-fly. Use the Trainer+ web app to build workouts and share them with your clients to track and analyze their progress whether you’re next to them in the gym or they’re working out on their own. You can also track your own fitness for free!

CLIENTS: Easily receive and track programs from your trainer, and get fitter faster. It allows your trainer to send you workouts straight to your phone so you can track them with ease. The workouts are displayed with full instructions and clear animations that demonstrate all of the motions for a specific exercise. Simply change the sets and reps if needed, and tap “workout complete” to see your results. Overtime, you and your trainer can see how you have progressed.

NOT A TRAINER OR CLIENT: We can help find a trainer to design a workout program for you, help you invite your current trainer, or you can build and track your own program for free.